OUR HISTORY since 1976

The NEWYORKINDUSTRIE brand was born in 1976 and its awareness started to be pushed up at the beginning of the 80’s, thanks to the previous owner group Staff International that led the brand to a worldwide successful distribution during the 90’s.

Fabrizio Lenzi decided to purchase this historical brand in 2011. In order to relaunch the brand, NewYorkIndustrie started designing a woman collection that perfectly mirrors the contemporary standard of female needs, style and quality requirements, for a glamourous and independent woman who loves dressing in a businessman (or male) style, but interpreted though a sophisticated female eye.

The collection is fully designed for an elegantly sober and essential woman, with a passion for quality clothes not necessarily bound to seasonal fashion trends.

The NewYorkIndustrie collections are a must to see and particularly to wear, an easy way to step out from the “over-styled” trend of the last years, with the aim of reviving a “clean, contemporary and international elegance”.